There is a special place that you should know about that offers unique and fashionable Asian infused apparel and accessories called House of the Broken Dragon. The fashion designers at House of the Broken Dragon offer handcrafted items using traditional and contemporary Asian fabrics on their diverse clothing and accessory lines.

House of the Broken Dragon evolved as a result of art appreciation and the love of Asian culture. The store might offer what every woman wants, however it is not limited to the design of women’s products as you can also find children’s and men’s cotton kimono in their collection, too. They offer several kimono-inspired styles, including couture robes, wearable art jackets and kimono style shrugs. In addition to clothing and accessories, you can also find handmade tote bags, wallets, t-shirts, velvet slippers and vintage Asian décor.

House of the Broken Dragon was founded in 2012 by power couple, Lisa, and Paul who wanted to express their love of art and Asian culture while providing an additional source of income for their family. House of the Broken Dragon features the use of talented local artisans to provide customers with couture crafts of the finest quality.

The online kimono business allows people from all over the world to acquire handmade, Asian infused products. House of the Broken Dragon strives to create beautiful wearable art, educate people on the Asian culture through their craft, and engage visitors with stunning imagery often found in Asian cultures but lesser known in other countries

House of the Broken Dragon kimono collection

Nothing screams Asian culture like a kimono. Traditionally made of silk, House of the Broken Dragon mixes decided to make their fashion kimonos functional and makes all of their products out of one hundred percent, pre-washed cotton. The kimono is meant for men, women, and children. All sizing is unisex. Kimono styles include the traditional long and short styles. Additional styles include kimono coats, jackets, and shrugs, all of which add a bold and beautiful finishing touch to any outfit, for any occasion, for any season.

Why you should shop at House of the Broken Dragon

House of the Broken Dragon is authentic art. Each garment is handcrafted by talented local artisans. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Each kimono is given the greatest care; from fabric selection to pre-washing the fabric, to handmade construction, to custom, one-on-one fittings, if desired.

Being an online store, House of the Broken Dragon allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home. Steps include visiting the House of the Broken Dragon website, selecting your favorite products, choosing your preferred payment method, and in a short while, everything will be delivered to your doorstep.

Aside from providing the best in fashion, you also have the opportunity to learn about various Asian cultures the House of the Broken Dragon’s blog, The Squeaking Bamboo.

Customer feedback confirms quality customer service and efficiency in the delivery of the products. This is proof of product quality that sold to their customers. Both authenticity and excellent customer service is important and that is what House of the Broken Dragon strives to deliver.

Start shopping at House of the Broken Dragon

Being an online business, shopping is both easy and competitive. Get to House of the Broken Dragon website to see what is new in Asian infused fashion. Also, you can subscribe to the House of the Broken Dragon newsletter to be the first to receive updates, including new products, sales, and coupons. You can also get in touch via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for the latest on couture robe kimonos and wearable art kimono jackets and shrugs in NY, USA.